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‘Decorating an armchair is a question of style, a feel for linear forms and a passion for detail’, rightly confirms design icon Terence Conran. Take your time to look through the collection catalogues and take some samples home to try out on your seating. Check the effect with daylight and in the evening. Experiment with samples and colours which create a contrast to the style of your furniture or the colour scheme of the room. Often, a new touch has a refreshing effect on the entire area, not only bringing the sofa to life, but also the interior as a whole.
Light-dark contrasts or single-coloured covers and patterned curtains achieve a homely atmosphere. Similar to the effect of non-colours and earthy tones, this can help to balance and relax a somewhat busy room design. The larger the upholstered piece of furniture, the stronger the effect. Playing with light and shade creates a trendy effect when shiny covering material is teamed up with matt wooden furniture, or matt fabrics are combined with glossy varnish.

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