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Fashion ideas

A surprising touch of sophistication


The design’s resemblance to a navel initially caused quite a stir. Nevertheless, after being displayed at the Paris international exhibition ‘Salon de repos’ in 1878, the whole seating furniture section of which was finished with deep-sunken buttons (and in the colours pink and peacock blue!), the new trend became unstoppable.
No lounge chair was complete without the design, and even luxury-class train carriages were fitted with the new upholstery fashion. Unfortunately, it was not incredibly sturdy and with the advent of modernity, the design drifted into oblivion. Now, however, old handcrafting techniques have been revived, and the design is celebrating a comeback.
Especially with shiny cover material, the grooves create a fascinating lighting effect. In black or white, capitonné portrays a particularly graphic, elegant atmosphere. In keeping with the contemporary mixed style trend, it now appears on linear, cubic furniture, and lends pieces a surprising touch of sophistication.

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