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Much more than a simple cover

Throws and bedspreads

But in reality, any fabric you have fallen in love with, whether patterned or block-coloured, is perfect for such items. Even delicate and fine materials, such as tulle or lace, can be made into beautiful bedspreads when lined with a sturdier fabric. It is always a good idea not to tuck the spread under the mattress, but to instead arrange it loosely over the top, as the fabric tends to fall better when lined.
Short bed throws which leave the legs of the bed visible bring a lighter atmosphere to the bed and room, whilst floor-length spreads create a heavier, but more elegant effect. If voluminous materials like velvet are chosen, the angular shape of the bed frame appears softer and rounder. This effect can also be achieved by quilting thinner fabric. A bedspread, which is generally a sleek square form, offers one of the simplest and simultaneously aesthetically effective options to bring fantastic fabrics into the home. And who said you can only have one?
Alternate your bed throws depending on the season and your mood! Once you have collected a few spreads, show them off by folding or piling them neatly on a stool in your bedroom. A truly beautiful eye-catcher.

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