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Originally, I wanted to be an architect. But fabrics have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. During many journeys to remote villages in Thailand and South America, I was overwhelmed by the array of magnificent, colourful materials. In Peru, for instance, you stumble across an infinity of textiles developed over centuries, which provide a magical contrast to the monotonous, often bleak surroundings of the Andes. However different the forms in each country, artistic textiles belong to every culture in the world. 

Precisely the magic of fabric is what continues to motivate me to make new discoveries today, and what fills me with excited anticipation every time a new collection is born from our creations. When I see new fabrics before me, it seems like a small miracle that we have been able to exceed anything we have previously created. After all, the design possibilities for velvet and silk, cotton or linen, brocade and velour are so inexhaustible that every beautiful fabric, produced with care and love, appears before me as a unique and unmistakeable creation. 

We not ‘only’ use 111 years of experience to create wonderfully designed fabrics, but also employ our wide technical knowledge to yield products which fulfil the highest possible quality requirements in their sector. Our aim is to develop timeless, elegant designs which still offer our customers the opportunity to create an unmistakeable, personal atmosphere in their living space. This quality, which my great-grandfather and Zimmer + Rohde founder established all those years ago, constantly reinforces my commitment and motivation at the head of this company.

The scope for design you have as an independent businessman has never failed to fascinate me over the past 25 years. The growth of our family-run company is generally down to my luck of having found particularly dedicated people who work with me every day to take Zimmer + Rohde forwards! And for that, I am eternally grateful!

For me, there is nothing better than creating and simultaneously implementing strategic business decisions in an international company like Zimmer + Rohde. We look back on a 111-year-old tradition, yet we never tire of making further advances into the future and responding to new markets and customer desires.

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