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Easy Care

Infinity series

The Zimmer + Rohde Infinity series has gained a new fabric, Infinity Cord. All fabrics offer unlimited upholstery options in terms of appearance and care. They all form an unique group of easy-to-clean upholstery fabrics.

Quality made in Germany
Since Zimmer + Rohde is fully convinced of the outstanding quality and the permanent care and cleaning properties of the durable Infinity range, it provides a five year guarantee. All five upholstery fabrics fulfil all of the relevant testing standards of the ‘Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V.’ (German Association of Quality Furniture) according to RAL GZ-430/4, as well as the standard for upholstery fabrics according to EN ISO14465 (2006).

Promise of Quality
For dying, we only use dyestuffs which are safe and approved in Germany. All fabrics has been awarded with the ‘Skin-Tolerant Textiles’ certification, following rigorous medical tests at the ITV (Institute of Textile Technology and Process Engineering) in Denkendorf, Germany. They all comply with the RAL-UZ 117 requirements for the ‘Blauer Engel’ certification and all Infinity yarns are certified in accordance with “Eco-Tex-Standard 100“ (Öko-Tex-Standard 100) and are ecologically safe.

Colourways have excellent fastness to acetone and chlorine. Infinity is resistant to saltwater/seawater and passes the flammability test according to EN 1021 Part 1 Cigarette Test or BS 5852 Part I Cigarette Test.

Care and cleaning properties

Infinity fabrics can be cleaned without using any special cleaning agents:
Water-soluble stains can be removed with warm water and shampoo (80% of all household stains are water-soluble) stains which are not water-soluble can be removed using solvents such as acetone discolouring caused by crocking of other textiles can be removed with a diluted solution of chlorine bleach (e.g. discolouring caused by denim jeans or cotton trousers).

How to maintain the beauty of Infinity fabrics:
_ Do not place any sources of heat (heating pads, hot-water bottles, ashes, irons, hot liquids, etc.) on the fabric.
_ Lustrous sitting and pressure marks are a typical phenomenon of all pile fabrics. Therefore Infinity Plus, Phönix and Infinity Cotton Feel always have to be stored and transported in hanging condition!
_ Infinity Plus, Phönix and Infinity Cotton Feel must not be stored when folded. Cut-to-size pieces should be processed immediately to minimize the occurance of pressure marks or shiny areas.
_ Slight folds can be equalised by warming the affected area of Infinity with a hair dryer (60° C). Afterwards brush the pile with a soft clothbrush.
_ Do not try to scrape or pull off encrusted stains. First soften the encrustation and proceed with the stain removal to ensure the integrity of the pile.

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