From Vision to Design Statement

Those curtain rods show off Zimmer + Rohde fabrics to their best advantage. artline does not rely on the traditional. To create something new and unique, the brand leaves familiar paths and takes a new direction in curtain technology. The result: innovative curtain tracks, perfect for Zimmer + Rohde fabrics, with a clear design language and uncompromising quality.


Design Down to the Last Detail

In the artline curtain system, profile and carrier optimally match. Changeable in color and materiality, together with the curtain fabric they form a harmonious triad that goes far beyond functional competence. artline products are characterized by the brilliant interplay of functionality and emotionality. artline products are characterized by the brilliant interplay of functionality and emotionality: Their design is spectacular and at the same time unobtrusive, flexible and yet unmistakable. 

Every millimeter from the angle to the surface is perfectly thought out and developed with a sense of harmony and purpose. Thus, the artline curtain rod system adapts seamlessly to the architectural conditions of the living space.

FLOAT – Lightness with Precision

"As much material as necessary, as little as possible". That is the motivation of the Ultraslim model FLOAT. Here, the profile boldly goes to the limit of what is possible. Light as a ceiling sail, it gives the wave curtain effortless support in the room. With a wide, high-quality end cap, the design never fails to draw attention to the consistent uniqueness in form and manufacture.

LENS – Delicate, Precise, Iconic

There are many lenticular profiles, but none is more slender, elegant and modern than LENS. The appearance of this handsome curtain rod is delicate, its surface imposingly reflects the curtain fabric. The ceiling brackets are meticulously matched to the profile. With interchangeable profile, single or double run, the functionality of LENS is completely on par with its striking design.

WINGS – Perfectly Formed Function

WINGS is a highlight in form and function. Its architecture is based on the appearance of wings, and the shadow gap allows the profile to float elegantly under the ceiling. Internal carriers can even compensate for ceiling imperfections, and the identical connection form ensures multifunctionality on ceilings and walls. A V-shaped open body charmingly and unpretentiously directs the eye to the curtain in all its beauty. With its singular design, WINGS enjoys a unique position in the market.

Perfect for Zimmer + Rohde Fabrics: Curtain Rods from artline

Designing outstanding solutions for textile room concepts that set unmistakable accents – that is our vision for artline. With enthusiasm and passion in the design process as well as the highest precision in the implementation of every single detail, we pay attention to the perfect balance of form, function and innovation in the development of our products. And, of course, the ideal interaction with the soft materiality of the textiles we showcase with our designs. 

– Stefan Gabel, Creative Director


artline is uncompromising quality that arises from a fascination for form and emotion. At first, the viewer is not aware of the sophisticated functionality hidden behind the rod system. The Zimmer + Rohde curtain glides silently in the secret running channel. Finesses in the play between profile and bracket as well as the secure mounting on ceiling or wall increase the desirability even more. 

The artline philosophy is simple: dispense with the dispensable and concentrate on the essentials. The result is defined design with high-quality functionality. The model and driver here are a strong vision and the bold implementation of the design in detail. That's why artline curtain rods are a perfect match for Zimmer + Rohde curtains: 120 years of expertise are evident in enthusiastic craftsmanship and the highest technical precision. 


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