Distinct design meets visionary craftsmanship

"Designing extraordinary curtain rail and fixing solutions for interiors that emphasize striking accents is the artline vision. By infusing the design process with enthusiasm, passion and implementing every detail with precision, it creates the perfect blend of form, function and innovation. Our designs showcase the beautiful reciprocity between conceptual interplay and tangible texture."

– Stefan Gabel, Creative Director


As much material as necessary – as little as possible, both motivate the ultra-slim Float offering. The curtain rail line boldly pushes boundaries. Light as a ceiling sail, Float makes effortlessly eye-catching accents, particularly in pleated curtains. . Flawless, high-quality design consistently draws attention to the unique form of Float.



Though there are many ellipsoidal curtain rails, none are as slim, elegant or modern as Lens. Its exquisite appearance is filigree – an intricate marriage of metalwork, including inspired wing-based architecture.
Functionality meets striking design, with an offering of interchangeable curtain rails, single or two-track rails. Ceiling fixings are meticulously matched to the rail and the curtain fabric to create a connected space.



Wings is at the pinnacle of form and function. The design allows the rail to appear to float elegantly under the ceiling. Internal fixings compensate for ceiling unevenness and multifunctionality is ensured with the identical fixings for ceilings and walls . The V-shaped, open structure cleverly guides the eye to the curtain. Wings unparalleled design uniquely positions it as an innovator in the market.  


From dream to design declaration

Venturing from familiar paths is the only way to design something new and exciting. artline’s exploration of advanced curtain technology enables it to create innovative products, instilled with clear design, uncompromising quality and high value. The brand harmoniously matches curtain rails and fixings to one another, but also offers flexibility via versatile colours, textures and fabrics. Together this perfect triad inspires carefully considered design, that is both courageous and competent.

The design is in the detail. The interplay between functionality and emotional sensibility characterises artline products. The design is spectacular, yet unobtrusive – and can be combined flexibly, yet remains distinct. . Every detail becomes an experience – sophisticated, passionate and precise, and aligns with the individual architecture of furnishings. From intricate angles to surface finishes, artline is defined by perfection. 

Quality without compromise. Artline products’ shape and emotional sensibility create a captivating connection. The alluring aesthetic is complemented by convincing, cleverly-designed functionality.   Hidden rail tracks, silent-gliding curtain rails,  reciprocal rail and fixings, and secure wall and ceiling mountings, elevate artline’s appeal.



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