Etamine: Fabrics like a Summer Afternoon

With luxurious laissez-faire, Zimmer + Rohde presents Etamine fabrics full of French romance. The elegance of the unconventional is wonderfully refreshing! 

Etamine Is the Definition of Pure Joie de Vivre

The art of enjoying life to the fullest: Etamine likes it romantic and bursts with joy of life. This is reflected in the bright, fresh colors, ethereal floral prints as well as elegant linen and silk fabrics. The brand is known for its timeless style while creating a new vision when it comes to elegantly bringing the natural indoors. 




Get to know all Etamine fabric collections! We come up with new fabric dreams every year.

"There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them" - The fabrics of this collection pay homage to the optimism of the famous expressionist painter Henri Matisse.

Somewhere between realism and decoration – LE BOUQUET attests to the new flowery harmonies of Etamine: modern and feminine.

Etamine: Fabric Dreams Made of Light and Colors

"Each of our collections begins with an immersion into the diversity that surrounds us. It is precisely this richness of facets that Etamine celebrates with its timeless aesthetic, drawing inspiration from it for textile innovation. An embrace of cultures and of life itself.“ 

– Elodie Deletoille, Design Director 


Developed with a light hand, Etamine textile creations are delicate yet modern - and a tribute to the origins of design. The brand effortlessly combines cheerful opulence with timeless elegance. A lively design language combines with expressive patterns and surfaces, because the heart of Etamine beats for charming motifs and their effective staging. The textile brand stands for the fancy Parisian style as well as for textile innovation. Their self-evident fabric designs transform interiors into places that celebrate life.

Fresh Blossoms and Airy Natural Tones: Etamine Fabrics

The origin of Etamine fabric lies in a completely different area than high-end home decor, and that is the kitchen. Etamine, Etamin or Étamine is more familiar to older generations as a so called cheesecloth. Soups and sauces were strained through these strong linen fabrics. The fact that their texture makes them not only practical, but also beautiful and exudes a Mediterranean flair, made Etamine interesting for curtains and drapes. And this esprit continues in our Etamine fabrics.


Zimmer + Rohde Etamine is the fine combination of down-to-earth craftsmanship and exquisite colors and patterns. Etamine fabrics appear silky-soft, confident and full of life - the perfect combination of tranquil grounding and liberating lightness. 

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Or completely immerse yourself in our elegant design worlds. In addition to the exciting German designs of Zimmer + Rohde's in-house line, the delicate Etamine fabrics, Italian glamour, American classicism or British elegance await you.

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Hodsoll McKenzie

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