Refreshing felicity, French romance meets whimsical elegance

ETAMINE celebrates the art of living life to the fullest. Its romantic joie de vivre is mirrored in light fresh colours, ethereal floral prints and elegant linens and silks. The brand’s timeless style provides a refreshing perspective on how to inject natural wonder into every interior.





"There are flowers everywhere for those who want to see them" - The fabrics of this collection pay homage to the optimism of the famous expressionist painter Henri Matisse.

Somewhere between realism and decoration – LE BOUQUET attests to the new flowery harmonies of ETAMINE: modern and feminine.

From fresh florals to airy naturals, ETAMINE dreams in colour and lives in light.

“Every ETAMINE collection begins by delving into the world around us. This multi-faceted approach fosters timeless artistry that celebrates life, embraces cultural awareness and inspires textile innovation and ease.” - Elodie Deletoille, Design Director

ETAMINE’s effortless textile combinations are delicate yet modern – and pay tribute to its iconic design origins. The brand effortlessly marries bright boldness to the art of timeless elegance. Discovering the true heart of ETAMINE requires delving into magnificent motifs and dramatic design dexterity, reflected in vibrant shapes, textures and patterns. In the house of ETAMINE, Parisian whimsical style is perfectly situated next to textile innovation. The brand’s effortless interior textile designs invigorate a space to create sanctuaries that celebrate life.


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