Cultured and everlasting American elegance, layered in luxury

TRAVERS layers traditional textile designs and visionary color palettes with a contemporary touch. The result is a beautiful blend of American urban and rural living, fused with rustic English-countryside charm. Its timeless, often travel-inspired, aesthetic is refined yet inviting, ideal for any stylish interior. 





Be prepared to go on a Safari for your senses with this collection. Rich in colour, texture and technique, OUT OF AFRICA taps into a desire to create environments that are simultaneously sophisticated and playful. Arrays of stylish neutrals are found across the collection, ranging from warm sand and golden hues, to cooler silvery greys and soft black.

The Travers design aesthetic has long been inspired by a New York state of mind. The CENTRAL PARKcollection draws inspiration from the rich history behind this famed park.

A fresh perspective on the traditional by injecting modern artistry into classic design

“Every TRAVERS collection starts with exploring our impressive textile archive. There are many treasures layered among the hundreds of historical samples. But that initial spark of inspiration is a common thread linking the past to the present – and shaping the future.” – Allison Block, Designer

TRAVERS masterfully mixes bold American color palettes with English country-home comfort. Rich in history, the brand draws on its impressive design archive to inspire new interpretations and fresh color combinations. Distinguished for its quality and craftsmanship, TRAVERS uses natural fibers, fine embroidered linen, and elaborate multicolored prints to create an inviting style for any space. TRAVERS also offers a carefully-crafted trimming collection that perfectly coordinates with fabrics from the brand’s collections. 

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