British sophistication meets mindful minimalism

Hodsoll McKenzie is at the intersection of conscious design and savvy sophistication. Its emphasis on natural materials and delicate subtle tones is matched by rich design heritage and craftsmanship, rooted in sustainable innovation. Hodsoll Mckenzie upholds British design standards and understated but impactful elegance. 

This collection pays homage to the momentous spectacle of the first World’s Fair, which took place in London's Hyde Park in 1851 and drew more than six million visitors from all over the world.

CRYSTAL PALACE is comprised of original hand-painted circular motifs. The print is reminiscent of the dome construction of the Crystal Palace, the home of the 1851 World’s Fair.

VELOCIPEDIA is one of the collection’s special pieces. You can see small scenes of cyclists that were hand-drawn in advance and then digitally merged and coloured. Commission, colour and style are based on original paintings from the 19th century. The cyclists are mainly women, which was considered a feminist act at the time.

Fabrics elevated by the fusion of natural materials and character-filled design

“Every Hodsoll McKenzie collection starts with a story connected to British design. By exploring a multitude of possibilities, we’re able to accurately reflect a cohesive narrative in sustainable fabrics that feature eclectic textures, colors and patterns.”  - Fredericke Winkler, Design Director

Whether monochromatic or multicoloured, Hodsoll McKenzie style is effortless and easy. Natural but never bland, the muted colour palette respects the integrity of the brand’s connection to nature. It taps into traditional textures and fresh hues to create soothing style souvenirs - from rural retreat to urban understatement. Hodsoll McKenzie’s mindful British minimalism is subtle and sophisticated. Natural elegance is evident in carefully-crafted linens, silks, wool and cottons that infuse every interior with modern-vintage modesty. 

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