Hodsoll McKenzie Reinvents English Design

At Hodsoll McKenzie, high-quality design meets sustainable tradition. With a strong focus on natural materials, the brand draws on the rich history of design and craftsmanship.

Intentional Minimalism, Interpreted in a Sophisticated Way

British understatement and rough elegance – this tension shows effect! Fine natural fibers focus on timelessness with subtle but impressive shades. The result is high-quality fabrics that exude classic luxury with a strong character. Hodsoll McKenzie is a successful mix: Proven design concepts with a long history blend organically into modern designs that are truly sustainable. What's innovative is that the fabrics, in pleasing natural tones and textures, set bold accents in an urban setting, adding to the excitement. Feeling good has never been more exciting!


More Collections

Get to know all Hodsoll McKenzie collections. Every year we present you with new fabric dreams that will delight you.

The proud, hand-painted circular motifs of CRYSTAL PALACE beautifully echo the cupola structure of the Crystal Palace in London's Hyde Park, home of the Great Exhibition of 1851. VELOCIPEDIA is a special piece of art in the collection. You can see small scenes of cyclists, which were hand-drawn in advance and then digitally merged and colored. The order, color and style are based on original paintings from the 19th century. Mainly women riding bicycles are shown; a feminist act at the time.

VELOCIPEDIA is one of the collection’s special pieces. You can see small scenes of cyclists that were hand-drawn in advance and then digitally merged and coloured. Commission, colour and style are based on original paintings from the 19th century. The cyclists are mainly women, which was considered a feminist act at the time.

A Meaningful Connection

Every Hodsoll McKenzie collection starts with a piece of British design history. We take the threads and weave them into a concept where sustainable fabrics play with eclectic textures, colors and patterns. 

–  Fredericke Winkler, Design Director


Monochrome or multicolored – Hodsoll McKenzie celebrates the understatement. Soft, but never pale – the color palette reflects the brand's unmistakable connection to nature. Native textures, enlivened by rich colors, set individual and enduring standards in style. They fit into any setting, whether in a rural hideaway or a stylish city apartment. Hodsoll McKenzie's British minimalism is subtle and sophisticated. Natural elegance is evident in ambitious creations of linen, silk, wool and cotton fabrics that add a modern and meaningful touch to any interior.

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