Zimmer + Rohde: the Main Collection of Your Textile Publisher

Zimmer + Rohde: the main collection that conjures up modern, relaxed luxury through timeless design. Discover refined and multi-faceted fabrics that create comfort and a sense of versatility.

Zimmer + Rohde: Striking Designs for Casual Elegance

The designs of the Zimmer + Rohde main product line are modern classics that effortlessly combine the modern way of life and timeless elegance. Carefully coordinated color combinations, understated functionality and striking designs testify to the high quality and craftsmanship of the fabrics. The Zimmer + Rohde Group's in-house collection shows itself to be changeable. Whether in the opulent Belle Époque villa or in the soberly restrained geometry of the metropolitan apartment – the multi-faceted and versatile materials create a comfortable ambience everywhere.




Get to know all Zimmer + Rohde fabric collections. Twice a year we come up with new classics that will delight you.

Path-Breaking Reinterpretations

"Every Zimmer + Rohde collection begins with remembering what has been experienced, tracing what has been felt. It is an expedition that encompasses the most diverse stations and can thus produce manifold inspirations. From landscapes to journeys to distant lands to artistic impulses from cinema, theater or dance. Our timeless approach to design creates a natural balance between craftsmanship and functionality." 

–  Stefan Gabel, Creative Director


The creations of Zimmer + Rohde signature line reflect quality and care. This is evident in the fabric structures, our sophisticated patterns and the modern surfaces. Progressive designs, visionary color combinations and distinctive plain colors represent smart beauty and are characterized by durability and comfort. From natural linen to sensual velvet and satin – Zimmer + Rohde transfers timeless textiles into the extraordinary furnishing worlds of tomorrow.

Innovative Classics with the Zimmer + Rohde Main Line

German design has always stood for bold order and lively functionality. This combination also characterizes the Zimmer + Rohde fabrics: They directly address the senses and invite you to simply feel. This creates coziness and the highest quality of living. Refined surfaces radiate opulent elegance, transferring us to a dream landscape. The Zimmer + Rohde main route combines like no other the feeling of cosiness and ideas of fulfilling expanse. 

Take a close look at the Zimmer + Rohde fabrics: Plains, prints and fabrics are finely crafted and tell exciting stories of clever craftsmanship and detail-loving finishing. The results are innovative designs that radiate down-to-earthness and shine with high-quality functionality. 

Learn About Our Other Brands

Zimmer + Rohde is a textile publisher with a broad portfolio. In our lookbooks we present the current collections of our inspiring brands.

Or completely immerse yourself in our elegant design worlds. In addition to the exciting German designs of Zimmer + Rohde's in-house line, the delicate Etamine fabrics, Italian glamour, American classicism or British elegance await you. 


Get to Know Our Brands

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An Ode to Freedom, Refined with French Joie de Vivre


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Fusion of Statement Design and Excellent Craftsmanship

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