Mediterranean Noblesse with ardecora from Zimmer + Rohde

With the ardecora fabrics, Zimmer + Rohde presents opulent elegance that emanates directly from the Mediterranean joie de vivre. Entirely committed to Italian craftsmanship, woven masterpieces await you here.


Design for All Senses: ardecora is Italian Elegance

ardecora revels in joie de vivre. The consistent reinterpretation of classic Italian style embodies refined luxury, coupled with artfully enhanced craftsmanship. The result: voluminous velvets, fine silks and high-quality velour fabrics that enchant everyone who loves elegant extravagance and exquisite details. Restraint has never been more captivating. 





Get to know the whole range of elegance in ardecora fabric collections. Every year we are waiting with new classics that will fascinate you.

The Twenties – Art Deco’s heyday. Glamour, societal change, and the liberal arts are gaining popularity in the modern age. Stylish nobility and an abstract design language seem to have announced their arrival in the Avant-Garde movement.

The collection rewrites the story of this passionate era by reinterpreting its fascination, vitality and dichotomy with a contemporary twist.

Pioneering Design Interpretations

"Emotional connection is the starting point for every ardecora collection. I embark on a journey that can be inspired by many things – an image, a color, or even just a gesture. Through the careful selection of materials, finishes and hues, ardecora creates something aesthetically exceptional and gives the collection its deep soul." 

–  Katharina Schmitter, Design Director 


ardecora transfers sophisticated craftsmanship with boldness and light gesture into exclusive fabrics that impress with jewel tones and highly decorative patterns. With ardecora, Zimmer + Rohde celebrates our Italian heritage and Renaissance roots. The traditional is reinvented. Italian-style curtains and upholstery fabrics are created with handcrafted originality and a keen sense of contemporary aesthetics. 

ardecora Fabrics: Furnishing with Italian Style

ardecora fabrics are a delight for the senses! They perpetuate the tradition of Mediterranean craftsmanship. Refined designs and an expressive color palette tell the story of space and time in a masterful manner. Decorative flowers, fine silks or iridescent surfaces – it is the special details that bring out the expressive character of the brand.

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