Interiors for the senses, Italian elegance meets exquisite design

ardecora revels in the richness of life. Its daring reinvention of classic Italian style is synonymous with sophisticated luxury, alluring and artfully-refined craftsmanship. Voluminous velvets, fine silks and luxurious velours enchant those who love elegant extravagance – and exquisite detail.


The Twenties – Art Deco’s heyday. Glamour, societal change, and the liberal arts are gaining popularity in the modern age. Stylish nobility and an abstract design language seem to have announced their arrival in the Avant-Garde movement.

The collection rewrites the story of this passionate era by reinterpreting its fascination, vitality and dichotomy with a contemporary twist.

ardecora embodies timeless elegance and elaborate design

“Emotional connection is the starting point for each ardecora collection. It’s a journey inspired by many things – from an image, to a colour or even a gesture. By carefully considering the materials, textures and hues, ardecora ignites the soul of the collection to create something aesthetically exceptional.” - Katharina Schmitter, Design Director

ardecora’s effortless blend of audacious craftsmanship, rich jewel-toned fabrics and highly-decorative patterns, set it apart. Paying homage to its Italian heritage and Renaissance roots, the brand skillfully reinvents the old to establish a contemporary feel, infused with artisanal originality. Renowned for its sophisticated design and expressive palette of colour, ardecora masterfully tells the story of the space and time. Its expressive character is accented in decorative florals, fine silks and iridescent nuances that captivate the senses. 


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