Zimmer + Rohde

Grand Leaves

  • Brand
  • Zimmer + Rohde
  • Articlenumber
  • 10927275
  • Collection
  • Category
  • Fabrics
  • Fabric width
  • 143 cm
  • Material
  • 47% Cotton, 30% Flax (linen), 23% Polyester

  • Rapportheight
  • 59 cm
  • Properties
  • Not washable
  • Care instructions
  • Do not wash
    Do not bleach
    Do not dry
    Iron over medium heat
    Clean gently (P)
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GRAND LEAVES is the result of impressive artistic expression and textile experimentation.

The colorful, expressive painting was applied to the finely-threaded and dense warp threads as a resource-saving digital print before the weaving process began. With this warp printing technique, the warp threads shift slightly in relation to each other during weaving, resulting in an intentionally blurred color effect, especially on the outer edges of the painted leaf shapes. In addition, the jacquard technique is used to combine the printed painting with an abstract silhouette pattern. The positioning of the two design steps in relation to each other is deliberately left to chance. This creates surprising overlays that are always changing.

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