A Fusion of Asian Geometry and Glamorous Venetian Symbolism

Venice – the famous gateway to the East in ancient times, and the starting point of an important trade route with East Asia, the ancient Silk Road.
In 2024, ARDECORA brings Venice back to life in this special setting. The SENTIERI DI SETA collection takes us on a journey that reveals a treasure trove of cultures, and their valuable influences on one another, in a modern and Italian interpretation.

CANAL GRANDE is dedicated to the luxurious Veneto region. Woven on a silk warp, the new interpretation has an air of nonchalance that is balanced by a generous damask pattern and special finish that runs throughout.


It is the contemporary and casual interpretation of this classic damask design that gives CANAL GRANDE its unmistakable air of refinement. The extremely fine silk warp lends this exquisite decorative fabric an especially luxurious texture and a classy finish. A high-quality Italian fabric that is defined by its elegant color palette and laid-back sensuality.

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A fusion of Asian geometry and glamorous Venetian symbolism.


This innovative interpretation of a medallion design was inspired by the island off the coast of Venice, which is world-renowned for its glass art.
MURANO has been developed using a very elaborate manufacturing process that accentuates the handcrafted qualities of the fabric. The alternating use of velour appliqué and artistic embroidery enhances the three-dimensional effect with incredible precision.

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SAMARCANDA is inspired by the traditional Islamic wooden latticework used to decorate windows. The fabric translates the mysterious interplay of seeing without being seen in an extravagant, natural, and chic way in bast-like raffia yarn.


SAMARCANDA is the culmination  of remarkable artistic expression and a passion for experimenting with textiles. A fusion of Italian elegance and impeccable artisanship!
It was inspired by Persian architecture, with its many decorative and filigree design elements. The innovative interpretation of the mashrabiya was realized using a highly sophisticated crochet technique.

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PETRA is a contemporary and extremely attractive faux single color with a jacquard pattern and a dynamic surface texture.


The natural and subtle sheen of the silk is further enhanced by the satin weave of this textile, which is woven on a fine silk warp. This softly draping decorative fabric is available in seven vibrantly beautiful color combinations that can be integrated into any elegant interior.

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The refined luster of silk, eastern ornamentation, the imagined scent of bartered spices, and their abundance of color are described anew in each design, imbuing the fabrics with a sense of magic.


As the name suggests, this exciting velour fabric is inspired by the legendary leopards of Uzbekistan. This extravagant and spectacular jacquard velour is the result of an elaborate creation process that ranges from weaving and dyeing to finishing. Full of sensual wildness in a timeless interpretation, LEOPARDO is confident, sophisticated, and stunning.

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BISANZIO is an intricately crafted upholstery fabric in jacquard-patterned velour. Its expressive color combination and rhythmic design are especially captivating.


This uniquely attractive velour was inspired by the elaborate ornamental mosaics of the Hagia Sophia in former Constantinople. Elegant and clear, this design comes in 12 exclusive color combinations that will set a new tone in any interior.

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Sublime to the touch, exclusively crafted, and highly contemporary.


The refined beauty of this prestigious, room-height textile lies in its pleasantly subdued yet exceptionally high quality.
The material characteristics of BURANO are fascinatingly elegant, made exclusively from precious natural fibers such as silk and merino wool from Tasmania for a particularly soft and flowing sensation. Woven in Italy, the understated charm of the delicately drawn lace motif makes this a luxurious highlight piece.

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The single-colored fabric BABILONIA represents the textile expedition in fifteen sensual, Mediterranean colors. The pure silk taffeta has an iridescent effect, and its shimmering appearance changes in a glamorous nuanced way depending on the light.


An evocative silk taffeta that will transform any interior into a luxurious and sophisticated oasis of color!
The elegant, iridescent effect of the taffeta background heightens the vibrancy of this exquisitely sophisticated fabric and underscores the expressive power of silk. The generous color palette opens the way to a wide range of design possibilities for individual furnishing concepts.

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Inspired by the picturesque beauty of Venice, POLISSENA will immerse you in the magic of the lagoon city.


The refined elegance of this exquisitely detailed jacquard fabric is reminiscent of the filigree decoration found in Venetian palaces. This is emphasized by the grandeur of the satin background, which is woven on a silk warp.
Cleverly evoking the enchantment of Venetian architecture, the subtle color palette adds to the timeless charm.

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The new ARDECORA collection: An homage to the architectural, colorful, and cultural heritage that once traversed the Silk Road to Venice – full of authenticity, a diverse range of silks, and modern zeitgeist.  


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