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Perfection in Daily Life: Easy Care with the Infinity Collection

Everyday life takes its toll - especially on furniture fabrics that are at the center of our daily lives! Sofas, armchairs, chairs and co. can take quite a lot of damage. 

But don't worry! Thanks to the innovative Easy Care technology, the fine but robust Infinity fabrics on your upholstered furniture always remain inviting and spotlessly clean. 

All the Benefits at a Glance

  • Luxurious processing and finishing 
  • Large, versatile portfolio
  • Exceptional durability and ease of care 
  • Durable and exceptionally lightfast 
  • No chemical finish
  • Medically tested and suitable for allergy sufferers 
  • Made in Germany
  • 5-year guarantee

Innovation Complements Aesthetics: The Large Infinity Product Family

In the diverse Infinity product portfolio, we combine advanced easy-care technology with outstanding design quality. The fabrics in this Zimmer + Rohde collection are not only beautiful, they revolutionize the concept of " easy-care". 


And our luxurious newcomer Infinity Shades proves this! It shines with refined plays of light and shadow on its elegant tone-on-tone mosaic. The innovative weaving technique creates the iridescent effect: the pile threads point in different directions so that the color of the upholstery fabric shimmers differently depending on the incidence of light. The geometric shapes blend together softly and playfully and are a real feast for the eyes. 

But it's not just the visual appeal that makes Shades so elegant; its functional features also make it a worthy representative of the Infinity product family: the uncomplicated and easy-care quality is washable and hard-wearing, the light fastness of the fine fabric is above average and the fabric does not require any chemical treatment. 

What makes the Infinity portfolio so special?

The selection of Infinity products is large and versatile. It meets all the requirements of demanding interior design. In addition, all Infinity fabrics are equipped with the unique Easy Care function. This makes them particularly durable and beautiful to the end. Infinity stands for relaxed, luxurious living. 



Take a look around our portfolio and discover the entire elegant Infinity range and all other Zimmer + Rohde fabrics. 

Our Varied Favorites


The technical innovation in velour impresses with its elegant shine, brilliant colors and incomparably soft handle. The special high-tech fiber ensures extreme durability of 100,000 Martindale and ease of care. 

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This fabric has a pleasantly soft texture. With its contemporary bouclé look, it creates a relaxed living atmosphere for upscale standards. Its material composition of various hightech fibers is innovative and highly functional. In keeping with the Infinity promise, it is very easy to care for, washable, hard-wearing and also lightfast. 

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The corduroy rib is always in season and should not be missing in the Zimmer + Rohde assortment. The Infinity quality comes into its own here too: highly durable, fade-resistant and washable, Infinity Cord is a comfortable companion with a wide range of colors.

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Easy Care: How to Easily Care for Fabrics

A sticky chocolate stain here, a nail polish accident there and - oh shock! - the notorious ink stain! A stain is on the upholstery faster than we would like. So how do you get rid of it? We make it easy for you. Simply follow our instructions to remove your stains from Infinity fabrics gently but effectively.  

Easy Care: The Secret is in the Detail

What is the secret of Easy Care? Zimmer + Rohde fabrics with this label are expertly composed and refined fiber blends that are highly functional. In other words, the Infinity collection gives you luxurious fabrics with unbeatable, valuable qualities. They are very easy to care for, washable, extremely hard-wearing and also extremely lightfast. Easy Care gives them a particularly high durability with outstanding, consistent quality. 

As a result, the fabrics in the Infinity family do not lose any of their aesthetics and elegance, even with long-term use. They are and remain very versatile.

Tip: Easy Care is not just a technology for coarse stains. Everyday dust and airborne particles as well as contact friction also cause soiling and signs of wear. You can easily prevent this thanks to Easy Care technology.

And even people with allergies can breathe a sigh of relief with upholstery that is so easy to clean. Bless you!  

How to Remove Stains from the Easy-Care Fabrics

Easy Care: How to Care for Fabrics

Oops! Something has dripped off! Don't worry. It's best to act immediately and don't let the stain dry.  


Carefully remove the coarse dirt with a spoon or a cloth. Caution: Do not rub! Otherwise you will work the particles even deeper into the fabric.

Mix a mild lye with fine detergent and plenty of water. Dab the lye onto the stain up to the edges, using only as much moisture as necessary. Distilled water is ideal for preventing limescale marks after drying. Remove the stain by carefully dabbing or gently rubbing. 


Once the stain is dissolved, remove the soap and dirt particles with clean water. Again, only use as much (distilled) water as necessary.  


Allow the fabric and underpadding to dry completely before using the furniture again. 


General Upholstery Care

Even without stains, all upholstery fabrics benefit from a regular refreshing treatment. It is neither costly nor time-consuming and consists of these three simple steps: 


1. Vacuum the Upholstery  
Over time, upholstery fabrics tend to turn gray because dust and airborne particles accumulate on them. Therefore, vacuum your furniture regularly with the upholstery attachment. Take particular care with the edges and reinforced edges (piping). 


2. Wipe Upholstery with a Damp Cloth 
Every two months, soak a clean cloth in a mild solution of mild detergent, wring it out well and gently rub your upholstery fabrics with it. Rub with clean water to remove any residue from the detergent. 


3. Allow Sufficient Drying Time
Allow the Infinity fabric and underpadding to dry completely after cleaning before using it again. Otherwise irreversible upholstery damage could occur. 

Quality Guaranteed - and Sustainable

Zimmer + Rohde guarantees the outstanding quality, permanent care and cleaning attributes, durability and lightfastness of Infinity fabrics in a 5-year guarantee. The upholstery fabrics meet strict standards and have been awarded various seals, including the test seal for body-friendly textiles, the Öko-Tex® Standard 100 and the Blaue Engel

Infinity and Easy Care: Frequently Asked Questions

Infinity is an exclusive Zimmer + Rohde collection that is constantly being expanded with highly functional fabrics. We attach great importance to the widest possible range of different uses, so that the Infinity family offers fabrics for all interiors and preferences - from stripes to raised patterns, to corduroy or with a particularly soft feel, the possibilities are endless. 

What all Infinity fabrics have in common are the strong characteristics of extreme easy-care and durability. Infinity fabrics are very robust, are easy to care for and are lightfast. 

Easy Care is a set of functionalities that makes Infinity fabrics extremely easy to care for, robust and durable - even with heavy use. And ideal for regular cleaning. Easy Care fabrics have special fiber blends that give them their valuable qualities: Washability, ease of care, lightfastness, durability, longevity and versatility.

Yes, all Infinity fabrics feature Easy Care technology. This is the reason for the name "Infinity": these fabrics have an above-average lifespan without sacrificing aesthetics and luxury.

The fabrics in the Infinity collection meet the test-relevant standards of the Deutsche Gütergemeinschaft Möbel e.V. according to RAL GZ-430/4 and the furniture fabric standard EN ISO14465 (2006). This means that they can withstand between 40,000 and 100,000 abrasion rounds, achieve grades 4-5 for rub fastness and high average grades of 5 to 7 for light fastness. All colorways also have excellent acetone and chlorine fastness. . 

The yarns are certified in accordance with the Öko-Tex® Standard 100 and have been awarded the Blauen Engel label in accordance with RAL-UZ 117. The ITV Denkendorf awarded the Infinity fabrics the test seal for body-compatible textiles

No, in the vast majority of cases a thin mixture of water and mild soap, mild detergent or shampoo is sufficient.

The good news is: 80 % of all household stains are water-soluble. They can be removed with a highly diluted lye solution made of water and mild soap. 

For non-water-soluble stains, a solvent such as acetone will help. Important: Test on an inconspicuous area first. 

Foreign dyes, for example from jeans or cotton pants, can be removed with a diluted chlorine bleach solution. The same applies here: approach carefully and test the lye on an inconspicuous area first. 

The representatives of the Infinity collection not only have several eco-certificates. The fact that they are so easy to clean without any loss of quality makes them doubly sustainable. Because washing means you don't have to buy new ones. And why? Zimmer + Rohde fabrics are timelessly beautiful. Of course, this also applies to the home textiles in the Infinity family.

You are welcome to read more about the criteria and extensive measures to increase sustainability at Zimmer + Rohde. 

Of course! The Infinity family is perfect for the contract sector thanks to its durability and easy-care attributes. If you are interested, simply contact us via the contract page. 

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