Hodsoll McKenzie


  • Brand
  • Hodsoll McKenzie
  • Articlenumber
  • 21280881
  • Collection
  • Utopia
  • Category
  • Fabrics
  • Fabric width
  • 125 cm
  • Material
  • 100% Flax (linen)

  • Properties
  • Not washable
  • Care instructions
  • Do not wash
    Do not bleach
    Do not dry
    Iron over medium heat
    Clean gently (P)
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Aristotle mentioned it, Christopher Columbus is said to have rested on it and no less than seven bishops and a few followers are said to have founded a new civilization on it. Its sand is interspersed with silver, they say. But the island of Antilia never existed. The ANTILIA fabric, on the other hand, appears like a shimmering silver sand dune with its organic pattern. From cultivation to finished product, this item was traditionally produced in Belgium without the use of pesticides and with significant water savings compared to cotton. The result is a linen fabric as soft as a duvet and as resilient as a lightweight upholstery.

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